Where can I sell my art?

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This article is not limited to just art or painting, but it can apply to everything you want to sell online.

Painting for Sale

Are you an artist who are looking to sell your art or painting online? But you don’t know where to start..? Where is the best place to sale? How to do? How much should you set your painting’s price? How to process the payment? There seem to be more than one question coming up in your mind.

As an artist I know that selling or marketing is not your professional field, therefore I have collect here some good art auction sites where you can start your art / painting list for sale immediately. Start with a small listing of 10 – 20 items first, once you get used to how the auction work you can then add up to 100 items or more as you like.

The best and biggest art auction site for our first try would be eBay. I too have listed my painting for sale on eBay 6 years ago. But I stopped after 3 months because I don’t like to pay anymore fee for my listing. Also I have found a better way to sale my painting.

How to sale on eBay?

I like eBay because it’s the most busiest site where you can sale almost everything. You can easily create your listing using properly keywords and there you will have a big chance to sale your items with reasonable price. The process start with creating an eBay seller’s account, list your item for sale, get sell and ship. View eBay quick start selling’s guide. You may also need to register a PayPal’s account to receive payment from your customer. And you will also need a credit card to verify your eBay seller’s account.

The advantage of selling on eBay:
There is only one point that I like eBay as being said, they are the most busiest site. Once you get your item listed using appropriate keywords you will have a huge chance to get sale. All you have to do is waiting for the end of your auction, get money and ship.

The disadvantage of selling on eBay:
All of these are the reason that I quitted from selling on eBay.

1. Listing fee is too high for me. Although eBay say that “Your first 100 auction-style listings in a month won’t be charged an insertion fee if:
– Your starting price is between $0.01 and $0.99, and
– There is no reserve price

What if your painting is more than $200 value, will you dare to add list price for only $0.99?

2. Final value fee also too high for me. For example, if I list my painting for $200, if I cannot get sale I will not pay anything but if I can sale it then I have to pay 9% of $200 = $18. So, from start to get sale I have to pay: $4 + $18 = $22 plus I have to pay 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD to receive money via PayPal.

However, there is the option for fixed price listings on eBay where you can pay cheaper insertion fee for $0.50 but you still have to pay high rate for final value fee. For example of the $200-painting above. Final value fee you have to pay eBay is (12% x $50) + (6% x $150) = $6 + $9 = $15. Don’t forget 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD for PayPal’s fee. More detail on eBay listing fee.

There you go, the eBay fixed price listings is the way to go but you have to make sure that if you would like to make $200, you may have to add up your listing’s price to $220 or more.

Sale your art / painting on ETSY.com

The second site which would be of your interest is ETSY.com. I have to admit that I never try their service but several of my friends currently using them. So, I start my registration now. Here are the processes:

1. First I click “Sign up to sell” -> filling up all required information (make sure that your username is the name you intend to use for your art shop, as you will not be able to change it later) -> waiting for confirmation email to your inbox -> click email confirmation link to confirm your ETSY account. That’s it; you’re ready to rock and roll.

2. As I see now, sign up for seller’s account at ETSY is free but you will need a credit card for verification purposes (same eBay), listing fee is $0.20 per item for 4 months, when your item sells, you’ll also have to pay a 3.5% transaction fee. However, ETSY say 3.5% transaction fee but I see it’s the same as eBay’s final value fee because in order to receive payment from buyer you will still need PayPal account or other third party payment, which is mean you are required to pay transaction fee to them. One thing I like on ETSY is that I won’t be forced to use PayPal.

So, if I would like to sale one painting for $200, I have to pay $0.20 + $7 = $7.20, no transaction fee if I ask buyer to send money directly to my bank account. And if I won’t be able to sale it in the first month, I still have 3 months left. Sounds good? Will start some listing with them soon and I will let you know how it go. ;-)

Sale your art / painting on iOffer.com

Other site which I see is interesting, is iOffer.com, I have an account with them but never list any painting for sale yet because I think they are not really busy yet. If you have free time, no other thing to do then I would recommend you to try their service.

1. Create an account at iOffer is free, but to be able to list product for sale, you are required to upgrade your account to a seller account. There are 2 methods to upgrade your iOffer’s account to a seller account.

1.1 Place a credit card on file, gives you a full seller account to sell in all categories. It will be authorized for $1.00 to verify your identity and the card. This is not a fee, as the authorization will expire and your credit card will not be charged.

1.2 Pre-paying $20.00 via PayPal to your account allows you to start listing items in following categories.

  • Antiques & Art
  • Books
  • Coins & Money
  • Collectibles
  • Dolls & Bears
  • Hobbies & Crafts
  • Home & Garden
  • Miscellaneous
  • Music
  • Pottery, China & Glass
  • Real Estate
  • Sports Mem, Cards, & Merchandise
  • Stamps
  • Toys & Games
  • Travel & Events
  • Virtual Gaming Items

The $20.00 will be credit to your seller account, any account balance owed to iOffer will be automatically deducted from this pre-payment each month.

2. Listing your item (including art or painting) for sale on iOffer is FREE. However, they will charge for final value fee for your sale. Total charge seems cheaper than eBay, but higher than ETSY. For example, if I sale my painting for $200, I will have to pay the final value fee = $10.00 + (5.0% x $100) = $15, exclude PayPal fee. More detail on iOffer selling’s fee.

One impressive tool I am really like on iOffer is “Mr. Grabber”; it seems to be a powerful online tool that enables you to bring over your items and ratings from your eBay account.

Ok, by now you know where you can sale your art / painting online. How much should you set your art or painting’s price? This will depend on your time, your effort, material used to create an art or painting. If you are not sure, it’s wise to take a look around to get an idea from other sellers.

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21 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    You can sell your art on DevianArt or other stock photo websites. They pay pretty good. Another thing is you can always set up your own store to sell online. Did you try setting up your own store method?

  2. pr agency says:

    I think it’s a great idea selling the paintings on DeviantArt. I am selling my paintings too…I will try this also for faster sales of my paintings. Thanks for blogs like this because it gives ideas for people that are asking for suggestions.

  3. There are lots of photo websites that you can upload your pictures to and get a comission if used (only small amounts though), but deviantart is the only one I know for actual paintings.

  4. Well, why risk for other websites if you can sell your paintings to a more reliable seller. The promoters will be very important for the target customers don’t trust other unpopular sites. Yes, ebay may be costly but at least you can be ensured that your paintings have higher possibilities of being sold – at a higher price also. Well, if it’s really expensive you may opt to negotiate with the other sites you have listed. But I just want to emphasize that it’s worth the risk sometimes. You have to give something to have other things. It’s up to you in the end. Just want to give a friendly advice. ;)

    • adminrose says:

      Hi Willow,
      That’s why I give advantage and disadvantage. ;-)
      Next, is the artist’s decision. For me I like to sale via my own website. It’s not easy but it’s challenging.
      Thank you for great advise.

  5. Kimchi says:

    Setting your own website is not an easy task as you need to build it, design and then market it.
    I would recommend it only if you have good Internet marketers by your side.

    • adminrose says:

      Hi Kimchi,
      That is what I am doing at the moment. And yes, I am totally agree with you that setting up our own art painting site and try to promote it, is not an easy work. I have some experience of internet marketing (for other products, not art or painting) so I would like to try and share how I do to get money with you all. ;-)

  6. Gloria says:

    Yes DevianArt is maybe the best choice!

  7. Nolan Clark says:

    Hi Rose, another pretty popular site lately is Etsy as well as Yessy.

  8. word art says:

    Thanks for the recommendation about ETSY as I hadn’t know about them as an art selling resource before.

  9. Another option is you can work with a local business and sell it on a consignment basis. Alot of businesses would love to have your art on display and if you put it in the right business with the right kind of clients that visit you will be a be able to sell it. I am currently selling art in the Hair Salon we own.

  10. If you have technical knowledge on running a web site and you’re ready to face the risk and responsibilities, you should do it. Ebay is a good place to sell, with many users visiting the site everyday. Your product will be easily noticed. Well, it still depends on you where you want to sell it.

  11. Ebay is a good place to sale your art but you should also look for local exhibitions in local art gallery..

  12. Andrea says:

    I just looked at some of your art you have for sale. OMG(osh) they are beautiful! You are amazing!!!!

  13. DUI Lawyers says:

    Majority of businesses today works and grows within the web. It is really good for a certain business to manage within front of your computer. Perhaps you paintings out there really makes a good business because you have included it on the web. This article is really perfect for those who are starting or already running a business but doesn’t know where they can advertise it. Thanks for sharing! More Power!

  14. I just find a hard time in selling my artworks. I’m just glad that i have found this post. By reading this blog, i have able to gain ideas in selling my paintings. Thanks!

  15. michelle says:

    This is an informative post, thanks a lot! keep on posting relevant ideas.

  16. Lawyer says:

    Marketing certain products is very easy nowadays because of the existence of Internet. Others called it On line marketing. I think this one way of selling our products like art products. Computer is very accessible to anybody. And they have the very big chance to see your product and buy it on line. In fact my sister bought her bag on line. This is a nice post! thanks for sharing…

  17. Dana says:

    I never know that there are other site that can be used to sell the art beside eBay and Devianart. Thanks for the info.

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