What is Pop Art Painting, How Popular Artists Create Pop Art

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During the early sixties a new movement of art has risen in America and it was named Pop art. The focus of this art was at New York City who confirmed that it is the trend setting of the pop art phenomenon.

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

Pop art is first introduced in Great Britain towards the late 1950s. it was brought by artist who wanted to take an experiment about abstract expressionism. This form of art became the bridge of the gap between the public and the art. This gap was filled through including daily objects like plates and cans in the artists painting.

When the American and British society is regaining after the World War II the artists who are associated with abstract expressionism took images at the materialism around them which includes soda cans and comic strips in their paintings.

Some well known pop art painters are Jasper Johns who mostly includes flag in his paintings; Roy Lichtenstein who gave prominence to comic strips; Andy Warhol’s soup cans and the famous stuffed animals by Robert Rauschenberg.

It is known that before art is confined with high echelons of the society and the laymen never understood abstract art. The artist mentioned above includes everyday objects in their paintings so that common man will recognize their work of art and to change the monotony of art with humor and relevance to daily life. Aside from the objects like plates and soda cans, this type of art painting may contained understandable objects that easily been perceived by human.

Because of its mockery and irony feature the pop art movement became famous and these colorful and lively paintings became very popular to the art loving public and the art critics of the community. Despite the mockery of pop art, abstract expressionism is continuously being appreciated.

The pop art became famous and very influential but it lacks the strength to completely supplant the abstract expressionism but still it has determined the birth of two new field of abstract painting the “color-field painting” and the “minimalist art”. Color field painting is minimizing the influence of abstract expressionism’s old features into a style that is completely committed to the use of pure color.

However, pop art has received much criticism. Art critics thought that it is a cheap form of art that gives extra effort to popularize everyday objects as symbols of art. On the other hand American society with arms wide open has accepted this popular type of painting. Though the American art of the sixties remained in our art books as the period of constant rivalry between various competing styles and ideas it is what it is today. Pop art paintings is the best way to look back the American lifestyle in the sixties.

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