Van Gogh Starry Night Painting Review and Analysis

Van Gogh Starry Night Painting Review and Analysis
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Van Gogh was an ancient painter, who began his work in Netherland before moving to Paris in search of new challenges and greener pasture. Vincent did a number of paintings before he met his death nine years after he had begun the job, in committing suicide. The painter is well known for a series of unique paintings, and The Starry Night is one of those. Van Gogh had an extraordinary career, and most of his paintings depict this especially the Van Gogh Starry Night painting. Currently, this piece of art resides in Museum of Modern Art in New York. Many people travel there yearly to have a view of what the painter had in mind.

The Van Gogh Starry Night painting was done with a view from the North part of Saint Remy village where he was living. Above the village is a swirling sky with an intensely colored moon and stars. The painting also has a cypress tree, which sources and studies show that he implanted it on the painting after he had finished painting. Literature professionals and paint experts have concluded that the moon and the stars shining on the dull village of Remy was a reflection of what he had gone through in trying to penetrate the painting market. The painting was done one year before he died, and claims have been made that probably he predicted his death in the paintings. Reasons being, there was light at the end of the tunnel, and no it was not a coming train.

The huge swirls rolling over the village show a state of struggle the village is going through to become independent and stable. The church spire reaches up to the sky, depicted either that help can come from above or that maybe there is peace above the swirls. Using the church in painting, Van Gogh Starry Night reveals that Vincent was a religious man and believed in God. The same is evident in showing His powers by drawing the strong swirling sky and the shining moon and stars, which can only be created by a supernatural. In the letter he sent to his brother Theo, he says that he was not pleased with the painting, and thought that maybe some improvements would be done on it.

Van Gogh Starry Night was drawn completely from his memories, which he drew during the day to show a night in the Village of Remy. After producing this piece, he drew a similar one on paper, which he thought was better than the real starry night. On the second version of the starry night, he used subdued colors, and is currently considered another best alternative of the original starry night. The original piece is only one, and is displayed in The Museum of Modern Art, New York so getting an oil reproduction of the same adds style and history to your place of living. It has had many interpretations, and many knowing the sad end of Van Gogh’s life buy it to keep the legend going on.

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