Top 10 Most Famous Klimt Paintings

Top 10 Most Famous Klimt Paintings
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The Three Ages of Women was his earliest that had no history attached to it. This Klimt painting portrays three female figures at three different stages of life. The painting shows a mature woman who is holding a baby, and besides them is an elderly woman staring to the ground.

Klimt’s awarding-winning painting, Death and Life depicts two distinct parts of a human life, which is life and death. Life is depicted on the right with a baby, young men, and women with an elderly woman being the life symbols. All of them are laid on a flowerbed. Death is on the left part of the painting, depicted by a grilling skull. Many women are used on the Life side, probably depicting that they are the sources of life.

Klimt’s Avenue in the Park of Kammer Castle has been considered one of the pieces that portray Klimt a landscape artist and not Klimt the sexual man. This painting shows green trees and an avenue that leads to a castle. Today this piece is owned and resides at Belvedere, Vienna.

The Hygieia painting, the Greek goddess of health is among the paintings that were destroyed in 1945 by the SS forces. Therefore, only oil reproductions are available in many art galleries. The piece showed the goddess with a snake around her arm as she holds a cup of Lethe. This painting raised controversy as it depicted the wrong role of Hygieia, as she seemed to be giving humanity her back.

The Birch Wood depicts a different side of the artist that reigns in the notorious Klimt known for exotic paintings. This painting is during the fall season, and shows a forest of Birch, with its leaves fallen off but the trees are still green. This piece currently resides at the Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum in Germany.

Based on the Book of Judith, Klimt painted Judith I, showing Judith holding the head of the Holofernes, a Assyrian general. The painting depicts the highly sexual artist in Klimt, with Judith revealing more than the clothes can cover and her eyes slightly closed. This painting currently resides in Osterreichische Galarie, Austria.

Klimt’s Pallas Athene shows an asexual painting of Pallas Athene, probably to show the dual portfolios associated with this figure, being wisdom and war.

Another famous Klimt painting is the Danae. It is a symbolist of the daughter of the King of Argos, Danae. The painting shows Danae being visited and impregnated by Zeus-showing as a golden shower between her legs- when she is in prison. Danae is said to have later given birth to Perseus due to this act.

In the Hope II, Klimt painted a pregnant woman looking down to her swollen tummy, on her feet are other women who are either mourning or praying for safe delivery.

Of all the Klimt paintings, The Kiss is the most widely know piece he ever created. Current residing in Osterreichische Galarie, The kiss depicts a couple interlocked in a kiss. Interpretation have been made about this piece, with the famous ones being that man can go to any extreme in search of happiness.

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