Top 10 Most Famous Edgar Degas Paintings

Top 10 Most Famous Edgar Degas Paintings
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Edgar Degas was a French painter and artist well known for his famous sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. Studies show that he is considered to be the founder of impressionism who is well associated with the topic of dance and dancers. This is to say that half of his work centered on dancers, in the sense that it depicted movement and nudes. He is also remembered for painting and portraying perfectly the complexity of human psychology and isolation. The painters’ style depicts respect for old painters who he acclaimed to have inspired him in the production of his now well-known Edgar Degas paintings.

While a lot of people are now considering Edgar Degas as an impressionist due to his involvement in it, when you look at Edgar Degas paintings, you will note that he is quite unique from the rest.  While other impressionist observed shadow, natural light and atmosphere during the painting, Degas himself concentrated on ballet dancers, milliners and laundresses while at work. In addition to that, while other impressionist painters chose to concentrate on outdoor painting, Degas preferred to work from what he remembered and sketched drawings right from his studio. Due to the way he painted, he was closely related or rather his work was compared to that of Edouard Manet who was more of a realist than an impressionist. They both shared a deep interest in the complex nature of human emotions and understanding of day to day activities.

Most of Edgar Degas paintings were painted using watercolor, oil, chalk, etching, pencil, pastel and also photography. Before becoming a well-known artist, he started his experience by copying the works of earlier famous artists and later on, started making his own paintings from everyday lives. Additionally, later on in the years (1870), he turned his attention and started focusing on things which he was familiar with, such as the environment and its surroundings. For example he painted ballet dancers dancing at the opera, he also painted milliners waiting on women among others and He also specifically focused on the little complicated features that made the entire portrait look real. During his later years in the profession, he became scandalous and started painting women while taking a bath. This especially caused uproar among many feminists.

As Edgar Degas paintings grew more and more contemporary so was his artistic work.  He started concentrating more on types rather than individuals; he chose to focus on what each group represented among many other things. One of the most famous Edgar Degas paintings is The Bellelli Family and some others are included:

1. Arabesque

2. At the Cafe-concert: The song of the dog

3. At the races

4. Ballet Rehearsal

5. Cafe Singer

6. Cafe concert

7. Dancer putting on her stocking

8. Dancers

9. Dancers on the bars

10. Horse with Jockey, horse galloping while looking to the right and not touching the ground.

The list is endless; the aforementioned are just about a few of the artist magic. He is been named the father of it all because of his versatility that is able to reach beyond all grounds.

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