Top 10 Most Famous Dali Paintings

Top 10 Most Famous Dali Paintings
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Salvador’s Landscape near Figueras is an oil painting done in 1910 on a cardboard. Currently, Albert Field in New York privately owns it. Salvador painted this piece when he was six years old. It shows a beautiful landscape of Figueras, a village where he was born. It shows the hill, the green pasture and fig trees that are characteristic of this side of the world.

Dali’s The Persistence of Memory was done in 1931, and is the most famous Dali painting depicting drawing of realistic nature. The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts this piece, which shows melting watches probable to show how fast time can fly.

Another famous Salvador Dali painting is The Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee painting. Hosted in Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, this painting was done when he was in America. Inspired by Bernini’s Sculpture, Dali drew this piece showing his nude wife Gala sleeping but having dreams of a disturbing bee and Tigers.

Surrealism was the main painting movements that Salvador employed in his works. The Crucifixion displays this in a more elaborate manner, with creative 3D features being employed. Owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the painting shows Jesus crucified on a cross of cubes. He also includes his wife Gala, who is looking at the cross and his village Catalonia at the background.

From his paranoiac-critical era, Dali painted a double-image painting called The Swans Reflecting Elephants. The piece shows swans on a pond, with their reflections making them look like elephants. The combination of the swans neck and the nearby trees make them look like elephants.

Another best know surrealism painting done by Dali is the Soft Construction with Beans painting done in 1936. His aim was to attack the topic of Spanish Civil War, and it is currently in The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

In 1949, Salvador painted yet another masterpiece, The Leda Atomica that showed a nude mythical queen, Queen Leda, as the main character. The queen is actually his wife Gala, who is seated on a pedestal with a swan hanging around towards her left. The Dali Theatre and Museum, Figueres now hosts the piece.

The Basket of Bread is an oil-on-canvas painting done by Dali in 1926. The piece shows four pieces of breads spread with butter sitting in a basket. One piece is however, half-munched, and separated from the other three, under the basket is a white tablecloth. This one is currently found in Salvador Dali Museum, Florida.

Also residing in Salvador Dali Museum, Florida is The Apparatus and Hand. Done in 1927, this piece depicts geometric figures-cones and triangles- with a ghostly red hand protruding on their top. Also surrounding the figure are ghostly images of naked figures.

The Great Masturbator is yet another of Dali’s famous painting. Hosted in Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid this painting was done in 1926. It features a distorted human face and a woman kneeling near a male’s crotch literally sucking it. Most analysts claim that it depicts Dali Salvador’s issues with sexual intercourse.

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