Top 10 Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings

Top 10 Famous Pablo Picasso Paintings
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Probably the best-known Spanish painter of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso had a wide range of paintings that were readily accepted into the market after release. The Old Guitarist painted in 1903 shows an old exhausted man holding a guitar. It depicts the troubles of the poor, those who are sick and the castaways.

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Another famous Picasso painting is The Blue Nude. This is one of the earliest masterpieces done by Pablo in 1902. It shows a nude woman, seated while embracing her knees. The theme is that the woman is in search of comfort and security, which was lacking during that time.

The Three Musician is yet another of Picasso’s work, and currently being held in possession by the Museum of Modern Art, New York. It is the true example of his cubist style of painting, transforming planes and line into figures that resemble three musicians.

Of the many pieces of art done by Pablo, The Guernica tops the list of the most wanted Pablo paintings. It has a political theme in it, as it was painted after the Nazi Bomb tragedy. It shows the effects of wars, and the suffering it brings to the innocent people.

Painted in 1932, The Girl Before Mirror painting has also been widely sort. A young girl is looking at herself in the mirror, but what she sees is an old woman affected by age and wrinkles. This piece is the most complex of the famous Picasso painting and has a number of themes in it.

Pablo Picasso painted Le Rêve or The Dream, in 1932. It portrays a 24-year old miss whom he called Marie-Therese Walter. The most fascinating feature of this piece is the erotic theme in it, which with close examination can be seen on the model’s head by an erect penis.

In 1907, Picasso produced yet another masterpiece, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon painting. It was the most famous of its time, showing a group of five nude girls in different postures. The piece took him nine months to complete, and claims have been raised about it being influenced by African tribal masks. This however, Picasso denied.

The Weeping Woman which was created in 1937 is a study of how much pain can be communicated by a human face. It has the features of a specific person, Dora Maar, whom Picasso described as “always weeping”. She was in fact his close collaborator in the time of his life when he was most involved with politics.

Another famous Picasso painting of his Rose era is The Boy with a Pipe painting. It depicts a local boy holding a pipe in his left hand, and in person, the boy was a frequent visitor of Pablo’s Montmartre studio. The boy is also wearing swag of flowers.

The Woman with Flower was drawn in 1932, showing a portrait of a woman-Marie Theresa-who is now worn out. The painting is very creative, with the portrait being decorated with flowers. At some point, one might see lips kissing on the portraits mouth area.

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