The Kiss Painting – A Great Valentine’s Gift to Impress Your Loved One

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Klimt The Kiss

Klimt The Kiss

I know that there’s still 38 days until Valentine’s Day. Why do I talk about Valentine too early? Well, that’s because Valentine’s Day is about love and love doesn’t have to be only on Valentine’s Day. We all can’t deny the truth that we live with love. Can you remember the feeling of your first broken heart? It’s really bad indeed. It’s so lonely among the crowd. šŸ™

And we all can’t deny that because of our busy life that cause us some times or several times forgot to show the love to our loved one. That’s why we need Valentine’s Day as a special day to express the love to husband, wife, children, mom, father, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone we secretly love.

Why do I need “The Kiss” painting to express my love?

Before answering that question, let learn about the history of “The Kiss” painting first.

“The Kiss” or Der Kuss was created by Gustav Klimt in 1907 when he was 45 and still lived with his mother and 2 unmarried sisters. According to Wikipedia, “The Kiss” painting is probably Klimt’s most famous painting on his so-called ‘Golden Period’. The painting depicts the red hair woman and black hair man, in various shades of gold and symbols, locked in an embrace, express their love to each other by sharing a kiss against a bronze background.

The man is standing, bending over to kiss the woman who is kneeling on a patch of flowers and seems to be accepting the kiss, rather than actively participating. The portion of gold covering the man is covered with mostly rectangular, black and white shapes, while the woman’s portion seems to be dotted with bunches of flowers.

Some say that The Kiss painting is about sex and the fulfillment of sex between a man and a woman as together the man and the woman in the painting, form the shape of an erect penis. Personally I don’t think anything wrong with that. Klimt created the Kiss to express the emphasis on eroticism and the liberation which was the same as several artists in the history such as Cupido by Edvard Munch, the Kiss by Edvard Muhch or Lovers with Half Moon by Marc Chagall.

There are several interpretations that Klimt delivers via The Kiss painting.

1. The common gold shrouding, and indeterminate background evokes the timelessness, and union of selves that a kiss can engender.
2. The represents of how bright, beautiful, and golden everything is when you first kiss someone.
3. The man is lost in the kiss (faceless and unidentifiable) while the woman is turning her head away and is aloof from the kiss.
4. The female is succumbing to the male and experiencing a moment of sexual ecstasy.
5. A symbolic representation of the kiss of Apollo to Daphne at the moment she is transforming into a laurel tree (Ovid, The Metamorphosis).
6. The man is forcing a kiss on the woman who is turning away, but unable to escape.
7. The Kiss exemplifies a loss of self, reconciliation and unity that only lovers experience.
8. The couple stimulates opposing energies contributing to the connection. The man displays knowledge, black and white contrast, and binary information, as his energy towards the woman. The woman balances this by using her femininity, warmth, and decorous flowers as her energy towards the man. The woman is rooted in the ground, symbolizing her connection to “Mother Nature,” which means itā€™s only normal that she connects as the image of flowers. Underneath the man pictures of rabbits are visible and are benefiting from Mother Nature’s grass. This symbolism of balanced connection between the two parts is the essence of what love means.

The Kiss original masterpiece is currently at the Ɩsterreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in Vienna, Austria. I cannot find its current value price but if you see the price of Gustav Klimt Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I which was created in the same period, its current adjusted price in million is $145.3, so I think price of “The Kiss” would be around that price or even more.

Now, to answer the question; why do you need “The Kiss” painting to express your love?

1. With all interpretations above, giving the Kiss painting will surely impress your loved.

2. Giving Klimt the Kiss painting although it’s a reproduction but it’s still a high value painting considering how famous the original masterpiece is and the handmade work by master artist which is the same as Klimt did.

3. Oil painting on canvas lives longer. As you can see that the original “The Kiss” is now 104 years. So, give “The Kiss” oil painting on canvas is like you give the most valuable gift that can stay with the recipient all their life long.

4. The recipient can hang oil painting on the wall for home or office decoration and he / she will always see and appreciated your gift.

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