Sunday Social Artist – Featuring Randy Elrod

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Randy Elrod

Social Artist – Randy Elrod

It is undeniable that social media have been playing a big role for all businesses around the globe. Whatever business you run these days, you cannot expect the growth without implementation of social media marketing component in your business plan. And this is no exception for art business.

And since we are in art business, it is interesting to learn how community arts organizations are using social media and learn from many talented artists who are using social media as an effective way to exhibit their arts.

One talented social artist whom I recently met on Twitter is Randy Elrod. He really is a nice guy with friendly smile who have over 40,000 followers. His outstanding watercolors paintings that caught my attention since I first visited his blog.

Randy is often described by his friends as a Renaissance man. I see him as one of a great social artist who effectively uses social media to create influence and advance business interests. He also describes himself as a dreamer, writer, artist, speaker and mentor. Well, I can see that on his blog which is his personal blog and is focused on “creativity and influence”.

Randy’s philosophy is “we all should be creating culture and influencing influencers”. He usually writes about creativity in black and white (sometimes red), culture, religion, influence, artistry, watercolors, his own struggles and social media.

His goal is to create honest, candid content that will gives his reader hope for a more creative and influential life and that is one of his secret to increase the number of followers.

Randy Elrod is a self-taught artist who began painting in the winter of 2002 at the age of forty-two after his wife Chris gifted him with an easel and paints. A lifelong love affair with graphite sketching provides the foundation for the watercolors and anchors his distinctive style. His favorite painting subjects are nature and female figure in watercolors.

Randy also teaches regularly at Lifework 2.0, a one-day social networking class about engaging clients and fans in the digital world.

Connect with Randy Elrod on Twitter @RandyElrod and Facebook.

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