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Hed Kandi Pop Art Painting

From time to time, we are introduced to different things that can easily create an influence on our lives. Hed Kandi is the most stylish name in the music industry and a lot of people have already gotten the fever. From being an ordinary player in the music scene, Hed Kandi has gained recognition as […]

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Pop Art a Great Icon to Commemorate The King of Pop of The World It has already been some time since the legendary pop icon passed away and yet there are still a number of people who cannot recover from the demise of the artist loved by the people from all over the […]

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley has become a well-know icons and the most recognizable Jamaican entertainer of the world because of his dreadlocks and unique songs. His join into the international scenery has made him the man who is the most valuable to the Jamaicans and of course, he was the one who helped popularize the Rastafarian Movement […]

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