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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French painter who did most of his work following the Impressionism Movement of art. Pierre was born on 25 February 1841 in Limoges Haute-Vienne in France. Pierre liked beauty and fashion, and in expressing this, most of his works were both nude or clothed women and people having fun. Luncheon of […]

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For double-image collectors, Salvador Dali’s Swans Reflecting Elephants are the most common pieces looked for. Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who specialized in the surrealism movement of painting. This is depicted from most of his paints that are centered on the movement. Swans Reflecting Elephants are probably the most profoundly used Dali painting when […]

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Van Gogh was an ancient painter, who began his work in Netherland before moving to Paris in search of new challenges and greener pasture. Vincent did a number of paintings before he met his death nine years after he had begun the job, in committing suicide. The painter is well known for a series of […]

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Salvador Dali The Elephants

Salvador Dali was a Spanish oil painter. Born in May 11, 1904 he lived for 84 years before he met his death in 1989. Dali paintings were majorly those with the surrealism style of painting in them, and had a natural but illusion features on them. Of the many animals on planet earth, Salvador chose […]

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Salvador’s Landscape near Figueras is an oil painting done in 1910 on a cardboard. Currently, Albert Field in New York privately owns it. Salvador painted this piece when he was six years old. It shows a beautiful landscape of Figueras, a village where he was born. It shows the hill, the green pasture and fig […]

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The Three Ages of Women was his earliest that had no history attached to it. This Klimt painting portrays three female figures at three different stages of life. The painting shows a mature woman who is holding a baby, and besides them is an elderly woman staring to the ground. Klimt’s awarding-winning painting, Death and […]

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In the history of man, The Tree of Life has had a significant meaning. It has been linked with several religious practices and traditions, depicting the source and sustenance of man’s life. In the bible, The Tree of Life was situated in the middle of the Garden of Eden, a garden that Christians believe their […]

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Vincent Van Gogh is undeniable one of the most talented and famous artists in the world history. Many of Van Gogh’s famous artworks become popular and recognized all over the world, and some have been sold at auctions or private sales for more than 50 million dollars. Following are the most expensive Van Gogh’s paintings […]

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Hed Kandi Pop Art Painting

From time to time, we are introduced to different things that can easily create an influence on our lives. Hed Kandi is the most stylish name in the music industry and a lot of people have already gotten the fever. From being an ordinary player in the music scene, Hed Kandi has gained recognition as […]

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Pop Art a Great Icon to Commemorate The King of Pop of The World It has already been some time since the legendary pop icon passed away and yet there are still a number of people who cannot recover from the demise of the artist loved by the people from all over the […]

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