Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist Painting Analysis

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Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist Painting

Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist Painting

Pablo Picasso is considered as one of the institutions of art and up to this time, the works of Picasso have never failed to inspire, persuade, and earn the attention of others. He has contributed an estimated 13,500 masterpieces paintings throughout his 75 years work span and most of the time each painting highly symbolizes the outpour of his emotions at that moment.

Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist is one of the proofs why the well-known master of art is recognized as the greatest artist of the 20th century. It was created in Madrid in 1903, the time when Picasso’s best friend, Casagemas committed suicide and somehow created so much influence on the so-called “Blue Period” of Picasso.

The monochromatic use of the shade of blue is an exact representation of the things that transpired during that time like melancholy and hopelessness and as Picasso confessed the thought of his friend’s suicide made him started to paint in blue.

The Old Guitarist is one of Picasso’s artworks that highlight the people in the lower class, as the man appears somehow similar to the people on the street begging for pennies and has become the masterpiece that haunted the onlookers for many years. It is painted in oil on a wood panel. The subject is an old man, emaciated, but still holds onto play the guitar. Picasso has effectively outlined the man’s bony frame and profile in order for the painting to create the most remarkable effect.

The effective use of the different shades of blue from the old man’s skin, clothes, to the walls, and the ground on where the man sits has complemented the emotions that the painting is supposed to bring.

It is also noticeable that the painting seems to exaggerate the details to create more dramatic effects. The man’s face appears longer and the feet larger, but aside from those, the painting speaks of real life in every way especially if the viewer will be able to relate it to the real-life situations that the people in the lower class of life usually have to deal with.

Overall, Pablo Picasso The Old Guitarist painting is an exceptional introduction to his outstanding career accomplishments. He was able to highlight the subject matter in every way and the domination of blue has been utilized outstandingly well. The painting appears thickly layered and extra glossy and there is no question about how he expertly made use of the lines, shapes, space, and symmetry with the greatest precision. “The Old Guitarist” unquestioningly speaks of Pablo Picasso’s prowess in every detail.

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  1. Rose:

    Thank you for your thorough and well-written article.

    I have seen this painting many times at the Art Institute of Chicago. A first hand view reveals some interesting features which cannot be seen in reproductions and which are nowhere commented on as far as I have noticed. The bold brush strokes in some areas reveal how Picasso altered his work. He made substantial adjustments to the figure’s proportions as can be seen in the brushwork around the shoulders and arms.

    I have admired this painting for very many many years as well as all of the blue period works. Thank you for sharing your article.

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