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A lot of artists have always been pleased with the subject of floral arrangement and vibrant colors as their main subjects. Flowers oil paintings can be used as decorative feature to complement the internal decor of the living room because of its vibrant colors which add a hint of elegance to the whole room. This […]

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Determining the value of an oil painting can only be done by a professional in this field. It’s hard to determine the age of an oil painting along with its value especially now that there are lots of new technology that are available for determining various things that may seem to be impossible to know. […]

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Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

There are people who may think that artists are born and not created but of course, with patience and diligence, it will really be possible for a person’s potential to be tapped and give way for the creation of the best art works. There will surely be a first-time for everything and it will just […]

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Oil Paints

Well, it’s depend on the purpose of your painting. If your painting is just a practice oil painting, then student grade paints would be suitable, while if you’re painting for hobbies or as a gift for your friend, the artist grade paints is good and if your painting is for sale or for any art […]

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Oil Painting Equipments

(How to Start an Oil Painting on Canvas? Part 2) On September 27, 2010 I have posted about the different methods for starting an oil painting, now that before we will jumping in with your first oil painting, it’s best to check if you already have all oil painting materials and equipments needed to start […]

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How to Start an Oil Painting on Canvas? Part 1

Now that you would like to surprise your loved one with an oil painting of his / her face on canvas but problem is you don’t know where and how to start. Before we will going further with step by step oil painting on canvas it would be a good time to learn the different […]

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How to clean an oil painting yourself?

Old oil painting most often comes with a price so it must be taken care of seriously. While in this present world there are lot of pollution, dust, heat, etc. which can destroy your high value paintings. One way of taking good care of your painting is to clean it often. Cleaning an old oil […]

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Hanging Oil Painting Tips

Oil painting is a piece of art that should not be placed in your attic or any storage room but it must be placed in a place in your house that demands pride. Oil painting is an art that needs to be hanged in the wall for it to be appreciated. Though there are some […]

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