Oil Painting Reproduction Buyer Guide

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Thinking of buying oil painting for your home? Looking for some oil paintings to improve your office working environment? Or to give someone as a gift? Here are a few tips that it would be well worth remembering.

Why do you need a real hand-painted oil painting while there are many cheaper alternative print paintings out there? Well, I think it is about human feeling. Handmade oil painting can be a great pleasure to own. See list of most famous paintings here. All of that paintings are purely handmade by the world famous painters in the world history, they are all already own by museum or private party. You can see how expensive they are. So, the best way to own the same painting and feel like the original artist have created it for us is to buy an oil painting reproduction. And to ensure you buy a painting to be proud of, have a quick glance through our quick lists to make sure you are getting what you are paying for!

1. Compare like with like, your reproduction paining should have no noticeable differences from the original, not only in terms of the colours used but in detail, brush strokes and painting techniques.
2. 100% hand painted is what you are looking for. Make sure you do not buy from a company that employs any mechanical procedures in the reproduction of art.
3. Paint quality; ask the company you are considering purchasing from which paints they use before placing your order
4. Canvas, only accept a painting that is on premium-grade commercial canvas.
5. Make sure that your painting is going to be the same size as the original.
6. Only use a company that offers a money back guarantee on your painting
7. Use a company that are prepared to send you pictures of your painting as it progresses so you can make sure of the quality at each step.
8. Free delivery is a sign that you are using a reputable company.
9. Make sure the company you choose advertises the price publically on its website and that is the price you are going to pay.

Look for an oil painting gallery that you can trust. Their oil painting should be painted with the finest quality oil paint on the high quality canvas, make sure that the painting is 100% hand painted, not a print. There is nothing mass produced, nothing is scanned or electronically produced.

It is easy to be fooled by the many inferior competitors will use terms like ‘recreated exactly’, ‘carefully replicated’, ‘art reproduction on canvas’, ‘meticulously hand painted’ however these terms do not mean that the painting has been 100% hand painted. If the seller does not stipulate that the picture has been 100% hand painted then there is a very good chance that you are going to be left short changed and disappointed.

Many online oil painting galleries may cut costs by using plain cloth that they then stretch and cover with a PVC glue to create an artificial canvas; this is simply not comparable to the genuine high quality canvas that the professional oil painting gallery uses.

When you are shopping online for your oil painting reproduction beware of deals that seem too good to be true, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

At Samui Art Gallery we currently offers some great deals on oil painting reproductions to promote our first year of online business (off-line for more than 10 years) but we will never compromises on our painting quality, so if you are looking for a company that you can trust we would like to recommend ourselves; Samui Art Gallery that ticks all of the boxes in above list of requirements for the best reproduction oil paintings company to use.


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