Nude Oil Paintings Uncovered

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Based on history nude paintings which really started in the west, depict a naked male body long before the naked female body.

Nude Painting of Woman Strong MuscleEarlier nude oil paintings aimed to display the human body’s physical strength and powers of man. This was exceptionally through the Greek and the Romans which in the painting captured and emphasized strong muscular features. Nude oil paintings are created without any malice but only to represent the masculinity of man.

Greek and Romans artist continued nude oil painting during the 15th and 16th centuries. These paintings are particularly male nude oil paintings rather than female nude oil paintings. Female nude oil painting has been taboo due to a sense of shame and sinfulness that is associated with naked female form which does not apply to naked male.

Art historians suggest that in the West they do nude oil paintings because of religious belief that originates in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. In the story Eve was considered a temptress who had persuaded Adam into the sin of eating the fruit of knowledge.

But in modern art nude oil painting depicts the liberality of the artists using a variety of settings and style. These nude oil paintings are impressionist compositions and are fantasy art sometimes in abstract and in cartoon forms.

Nude oil paintings are created due to several reasons. The very first reason is they paint nude oil painting to show the unclothed natural beauty of the body that is worth capturing and deserves praise.

Artist wanted to challenge the religious, cultural and social belief of that time through painting the nude shape and form of the human body.

Every periods of the history has favored body parts and shapes and this can be seen through the western nude oil paintings. A good example is that before the twentieth century more voluptuous female body shapes were considered to be desirable. On more recent cultural tastes nude leaner and longer female shape are favored.

Woman Nude Painting

Woman Nude Painting

Nude oil painting gives so much pleasure of the human body parts to be studied not just by the artist but as well as the viewers. Though sometimes this can be deliberately used to create erotic experience the art is plainly for the sake of art itself nothing more nothing less. Nude oil art painting has degree of tolerance and this is

demonstrated through how the nude oil painting is demonstrated. Full frontal unclothed body are mostly considered to be more provocative than those nude paintings whose private parts of the body are partially hidden or paintings that only shows the nude back part of the body.

Nude oil paintings are created plainly for artistic purposes nothing more, nothing less. This just depicts one of the most precious art in the world which is the human body.

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