Most Expensive Van Gogh Paintings; How Can You Own One?

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Portrait de l’Artiste sans Barbe

Vincent Van Gogh is undeniable one of the most talented and famous artists in the world history. Many of Van Gogh’s famous artworks become popular and recognized all over the world, and some have been sold at auctions or private sales for more than 50 million dollars.

Following are the most expensive Van Gogh’s paintings among 38 most expensive paintings in the world history.

1. Portrait of Dr. Gachet – It is one of the most revered paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. He painted this painting during his 70 days at the doctor’s home in Auvers-sur-Oise (27.2 km outside Paris) from May to July 1890. The painting depicts Dr. Paul Gachet, who took care of Van Gogh during the final months before his death. This painting was sold at auction in New York for a record price of $82.5 million in 1990.

2. Portrait of Joseph Roulin – Joseph Roulin is a particularly good, loyal and supporting friend to Vincent Van Gogh during his stay in Arles. To show his truly admired to Roulin, he created this painting using his imagination, colors and artistically themes and creatively to evoke desired emotions from the audience. This painting was sold for private collection in 1989 for the price of $58+.

3. Irises – Van Gogh painted Irises while he was living at the Asylum at Saint Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in France. It’s one of the artworks in the last year before his death in 1890. Van Gogh called this painting “the lightning conductor for my illness”, because he felt that he could keep himself from going insane by continuing to paint. The latest sold record for Van Gogh Irises painting is $53.9 million which was sold to Alan Bond in 1987. However, there was a re-sold in 1990 to the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles but there is no record for the price.

4. Portrait de l’Artiste sans Barbe – There were dozens of Vincent Van Gogh self-portraits created during his lifetime and probably most of them are depicting the face as it appeared in the mirror. The Portrait de l’artiste sans barbe (“Self-portrait without beard”) is one of them. Van Gogh created this painting in September 1889, while he was in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, depicting his clean face without a beard. This painting was sold to Heirs of Jacques Koerfer for $71.5 million in 1998 in New York.

Wheat Field with Cypresses

5. Wheat Field with Cypresses – Van Gogh created this painting while he was in Asylum at St. Remy in May 1889. It’s one of the three versions of ‘A Wheatfield with Cypresses’. Van Gogh described this painting on his letter to Theo; “I have a canvas of cypresses with some ears of wheat, some poppies, a blue sky like a piece of Scotch plaid; the former painted with a thick impasto … and the wheat field in the sun, which represents the extreme heat, very thick too.” This painting was sold to Walter H. Annenberg for $57 million on 1993.

6. Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers – Vincent Van Gogh created the Sunflower series in 1887 – 1888. There are a total of nine paintings for the series with three of fifteen sunflowers, two with twelve sunflowers in 1888 and in 1887 had created a series of four paintings and one was given to Paul Gauguin. The Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers sold for $39.7 million in March 1987.

7. Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat – Vincent Van Gogh created this painting in 1890. It depicts a portrait of a peasant woman wearing a straw hat against the background of wheat. Van Gogh created several versions of this particular painting one such version was used in Stanlist political art of 1930; where a peasant woman is portrayed holding sheaves of wheat. This peasant woman represented a complex and controversial image in the lexicon of Soviet political art. Peasant Woman was also depicted in Nikolai Kochergin’s poster. In this poster, Nikolai depicted the woman as a buxom woman wearing a kerchief and bast shoes. This Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat has been sold and re-sold for several times with the last record on October 7, 2005 that Stephen Wynn had sold the painting along with Gauguin’s Bathers to Steven A. Cohen for more than $100 million.

As you can see that the prices of original artwork paintings by Vincent Van Gogh are too high, so buying one of them can be only a dream for most people. However, there is a good alternative which is a great option for you to own one of famous Vincent Van Gogh painting; it is an oil painting reproduction. No more worry; if you fall in love with Van Gogh art but don’t have millions to buy consider a genuine hand-painted Vincent Van Gogh oil painting reproduction that is almost as beautiful and significantly cheaper.

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