Modern Oil Painting vs. Traditional Oil Painting

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The process of painting using a pigment bound with a medium of drying oil especially linseed oil is what you call oil painting.

Modern Oil Painting vs. Traditional Oil PaintingOil painting has started in the West from Afghanistan according to historians. Shields used in tournaments and decorations were more durable when painted with oil rather than traditional tempera paints. Renaissance research sources credited the European painters of the 15th century for their invention of painting with oil media on a wooden panel.

Artist today considers oil painting as the fundamental art medium that student should learn and appreciate. A quality of oil paint includes long open time meaning long drying time. Oil paint takes weeks before drying allowing artist to paint in several sessions. Oils when exposed to air does not go the same evaporation as water does instead they oxidize and form into a dry solid, depending on the source.

The common linseed oil comes from flax seed which is a common fiber crop. Sunflower oil that is used to create lighter colors such as yellow dries less than the linseed oil. Through modern advancement there are now water miscible oil paints that can be used and cleaned up with water. As technology goes further advancement in oil based paint also is advancing.

Traditional oil painting technique includes artist sketching the subject into the canvas using a charcoal or thinned paint. Fat over lean is the basic rule for oil painting which means each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the previous layer. Traditional oil paint requires oil that will gradually harden. Those oils are called siccative or drying oils characterized by high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Iodine number is the common measure of the property of oil.

Modern oil painting which is an art work created in the 18th and 19th century is called so because unlike traditional oil painting it does not follow those techniques. Artist creates a new experimentation of oil painting. The most popular modern painting of the 20th century is by Edvard Much “The scream” and Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s soup can”. Modern oil painting is distinct because they are created in a unique style and texture. Modern oil painting can create a nice cozy ambiance at home or in the office.

Modern oil painting can be added with frames to fit more on the wall where you wanted to place it. You may also leave it on a canvas with thick back that allow being further from the wall. Modern art painting prices differs with size and the painter’s emotion about his work. If such painting has deeper emotional impact then it would be a little expensive. Price also varies according to who does the modern oil paint, if it is a well known modern art painter then the art is a lot expensive.

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