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Randy Elrod

It is undeniable that social media have been playing a big role for all businesses around the globe. Whatever business you run these days, you cannot expect the growth without implementation of social media marketing component in your business plan. And this is no exception for art business. And since we are in art business, […]

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Step-by-Step to Your Dream

4 days ago I have read 2 articles from eHow, one was How to Make a New Year’s Resolution, another one was How to Make the Best New Year’s Resolutions List , although I felt that I should sitting down and start summarize what I accomplished for the year 2010 but hey, I still too […]

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Painting for Sale

This article is not limited to just art or painting, but it can apply to everything you want to sell online. Are you an artist who are looking to sell your art or painting online? But you don’t know where to start..? Where is the best place to sale? How to do? How much should […]

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Guest Posting Blog

What is guest posting? “Content is King, Linking is Queen” – Guest posting is currently the most popular practice to help you achieve good quality back link and great quality content to your blog. It’s a kind of partnership blogging where one blogger offer good place (blog) for another blogger to add great content. How […]

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My Technorati Claim Token : 4APBX5QT3TYV Below are the steps how to verify your blog at Technorati using Technorati claim token: 1. Make a new post 2. Paste your claim token on the post content 3. Publish post 4. Go to your Technorati account and click on “Check Claim” This post also was the post […]

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