Love and Romantic Paintings

Love and Romantic Paintings
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Not only the love and romantic paintings depict the joy of two people insanely in love but some also portray the restlessness of lovers when their beloved is not with them. Some reflect the sorrow of a hopeless lover while some are an epitome of bliss. Hence in the love and romantic paintings you will find the panorama of all the human emotions that are associated with love reflected very subtly and beautifully.

Some of the most famous love and romantic paintings of all times are Romeo and Juliet by Frank Dicksee. Romeo and Juliet are considered synonymous to love and the painting is a reflection of true love in its purest form between a man and a woman. When you talk about the master pieces of Love and Romantic paintings you cannot forget to mention The Lovers by Pablo Picasso. The painting captures an emotionally intense moment between two lovers. The picture is very subtle but speaks volumes and though there is no clear depiction yet the onlooker can easily tell what the man and woman might be thinking at the moment that is captured.

This very aspect is the heart and soul of love and romantic paintings. The unspoken words and emotions are portrayed vividly by the artist that the beholder understands the myriad of emotions in action. The Promenade by Renoir is a depiction of frivolous love of a maiden and her young lover enjoying the warm sunlight on a mid noon walk. Summer Evening by Edward Hopper has a totally different connotation than any other love and romantic paintings. The lovers though together are detached as if something is amiss but their being together is still evidence enough that love has not died.

The love and romantic paintings can greatly enhance the décor of your home. You can have one anywhere in the house and you can beatify your bedroom with one of these paintings. These paintings can be a great gift for your spouse or girlfriend on special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day since you can express your feelings through the medium of these paintings.

Love paintings express the sentiments associated with love stronger than any words ever can. They are a depiction of how the artist perceives love and also each and every observer can deduce something that satisfies his or her notion about the piece of art.

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