Knowing What Abstract Art is All About

Knowing What Abstract Art is All About
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You may always been wondering what abstract art means. You are not alone if you feel that abstract art pieces are just splashes of color that anyone can make. But it’s not as simple as you think. Abstract art is the most free styled art form known to mankind.

As simple as it seems, making abstract art is very difficult. And deciphering is even more complex. They do not have any prominent shapes and forms. It has no subject and represents nothing in particular. There are a few different types of abstract art styles.

One style is the western style of abstract art that has no form and figure but the emphasis is on the materials and strokes used. Then the second style is the geometric form of abstract art. A very famous geometric artist was Mondrian. Here we can visualize certain defined lines and shapes but no image in particular. Then we see the work of Pollock that is more fluid and we do find a few representations that are not much detailed but we see a clear outline.

Abstract art is very varied and most people do not seem to understand the true meaning behind the picture.  Often times, different people perceive different meanings. This is the true essence of this art form. It engrosses the mind and brings out the individual emotional responses.

Wassily Kandinsky is considered as the father of abstract art. Initially he painted figurative paintings but slowly he geared towards non figurative art. The first recorded abstract art piece was made in 1910. But even before that, the Jewish and Islamic communities did not support paintings containing images, so their art style was abstract. Islamic calligraphy is also considered as an abstract art form.

Abstract arts are not only a collector’s item, but they are also a great option for decorating your home. Decorating your home is a choice that many home owners love to make. The placement and lighting of the art work is the key aspect. Also, many people have an instant emotional attachment with abstract art forms. This is because it invokes in them a buried down emotion or story.

Many people also consider art as a healing factor. If you sit in a quiet calm room and simply gaze at a beautiful piece of abstract art that you have an emotional attachment too, then your mind and body come into harmony. The energy released by art is vibrant and fresh. A person feels good to be around good art work.

A great piece of art may increase the value of your home and your room. All artwork is not collector’s items but almost all art forms are decorative. It depends on the individuals liking and choices.

Abstract art is the most difficult art to make. It is the purest and most complex techniques in art. Very few people understand the importance if learning to draw and express for making an abstract piece of art.

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