Does My Social Media (Art) Marketing Sucks?

8 years, 11 months ago 15

Yes, I really mean that, though it’s sound hard-hitting. Have you been thinking the same, if your social media marketing sucks? 🙂

Social Media (Art) Marketing Sucks?

I have been working for my oil painting site for about 3 months and 10 days now. I started this website the same like yours by looking for good hosting service, brainstorm for a good set of seo keywords, followed by web design process.

After about 2 months, my website was ready to rock and roll. I have listed about 635 hand-painted oil paintings for sale. I did install WordPress blog as a tool to interact with social networking friends with expectation to building brand awareness. I remember the first post I read that inspired me as a newbie blogger was why some bloggers lose relationships even before building it by Hesham. With his warm welcome made me fall in love with the blogosphere. Though, I realized that my website theme and business model might not fit with any kind of blogging for money. Instead, I should use my blog to write a review that can sale my paintings. I do agree with Ana Hoffman’s link building mixology that any backlink coming from different website theme would not give much help to increase ranking for my target keywords as it is not considered as a relevant backlink. However, I won’t argue that I have got much traffic coming from other blogger’s website.

On November 2010, the orders start coming in, and then on December 20, 2010 I was so exciting with Google analytics report of 500 visitors per day. I start getting more sales than I have expected, measuring by only 3 months of work. Most orders were from Google search organic.

January 01, 2011 while everyone enjoyed their New Year celebration, I was on counting how many sales I got specifically via my online gallery, how much I earned and how can I improve it. Yeh, I got total of 18 sales, surprisingly 2 orders from Twitter and 1 from Facebook. However, considering the amount of traffic; 500 visitors per day, the conversion rate was too low. So, I am restructuring my business plan:

1. Examine if I am confusing my markets or if my social media strategy sucks.

2. Looking the way to build a huge list of active Twitter followers fast.

3. Restructuring blog’s categories to be more specific for art and oil painting. For example, instead of talking about generic social media marketing it will now be social media art marketing. 😉

4. Brainstorm for crafting an effective ‘Elevator Pitch’ which will use social media as tool to achieve my end goal.

Before the end, may I know your idea if my social media (art) marketing sucks, considering 2 orders from Twitter and 1 order from Facebook in 3 months and 10 days? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

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