Ideas for Abstract Painting

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An art that uses a visual language of form, color and lines to create a composition that exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world is called an abstract art.

Ideas for Abstract PaintingOther related terms with abstract art are nonfigurative art, nonobjective art and nonrepresentational art. The words mentioned earlier are similar but do not have an identical meaning. A departure from reality in depiction of imagery is an indication of abstracts.

Since images in abstract paintings are not the normal image we see ideas about abstract paintings are in numbers like the sands scattered in the shores of our minds. As of the moment there is no direct way of painting what our mind holds directly into the canvas so a middle man is to be used in a form of a skillful artist.

Textures form and color speaks more than a representational painting because these elements touch the emotions more than a representational painting that has an intervening persona of the mind. In a representational painting each figure must be interpreted well so that the painting will be understood and this is so time-consuming. On the other hand an abstract painting goes right the viewer and they may interpret whatever their interpretations to the painting.

The general way of painting an abstract is to discard the favorite color to the less favorite. You may use your favorite color but only in minimal like small doses or as a trim color in the painting you are making. The reason for this is to avoid the risk of boredom with your favorite color. Keeping your favorite color means that you are preserving a surprise treat, which is a trick mostly used by internal decorators.

The search of shapes you wanted to use in an abstract painting is easy to find like searching an images on the internet. Look for shapes that talk to you as you simplify the elements of your canvas rather than identifying the objects to be used. The easiest and simplest thing to do is to start with real objects and shapes as the basis of your abstract painting than to start from scratch. Think out of the box like instead painting seashell paint the curves and spiral like object in the seashell with a lot more creativity.

Now you have the ideas on what to paint and the elements of color and shapes that you will be using for your abstract painting. All you have to do now is to implement the image you are thinking. The beauty of abstract painting is that you are freely painting the image in your minds with no exact perfect detail. You will just paint freely as to what your feelings brought you.

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