How to Paint Flowers Using Oil Paint

How to Paint Flowers Using Oil Paint
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A lot of artists have always been pleased with the subject of floral arrangement and vibrant colors as their main subjects. Flowers oil paintings can be used as decorative feature to complement the internal decor of the living room because of its vibrant colors which add a hint of elegance to the whole room. This article will take an in depth look on how to paint flowers using oil paint. The method is not hard as it seems, it only require a hint of patience and a whole lot of planning to get that superb result.  For the demonstration, you can use water lily as they are easily available and they are also quite attractive to the eyes.

The things that you will require in learning how to paint flowers include charcoal pencil, canvas, spray fixative, turpentine, oil paint set, Linseed oil, paint thinner, dammar spray varnish, bristle brushes, paint thinner and painters’ palette. The first thing to do is to draw the shape of the flowers on the canvas that you have prepared using a charcoal pencil. You should not use ordinary pencil because it is made of graphite and it will end up seeping in to the paint.  After completing the drawing, use a spray that you had earlier on collected to ensure that the sketch firmly fixates on the canvas. The spray also seals the drawings on the canvas surface.

The second thing that you have to do is lay out the paint that is on the tube on to the palette which you will use to paint. It ought to be noted that you will use the mixtures of ultramine blue, Alizarine Crimson and also color orange for the dark shades. In this stage you will be using ivory black for the darker shades. Next is to start laying the darker shades using the colors using a painter that has been mixed with turpentine. You need to mix turpentine so as to ensure that the paint flows in smoothly. Painting with turpentine in this case is usually referred to as under painting. You start with the darker shades so that the brighter shades will be painted in later using the painting brushes that are soft and which have mixed with the tubed paint and linseed oil.

Next is to allow the under painting to dry in for a while until it feels tacky to touch. You should let the paint dry in overnight and then clean the bristle with a paint followed by soap and hot water for rinsing thoroughly. After that, you should lay out the paint that is in the tubes in the colors that you want. Ensure that it is the bright colors so as to give bright highlights. After that, start laying in the bright colors using a mixture of paint and linseed while smoothing it over using the smooth paint brush. Lastly, add in the colors for background field and allow some more days for the paint to set.

You can see from the above that learning how to paint flowers using oil paint is rather easy and can be done by anybody.  When the paint has dried up, you can coat it with a Dasmar spray and then add to your frame.

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