How to create the best working plan for the year 2011?

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Step-by-Step to Your Dream

Step-by-Step to Your Dream

4 days ago I have read 2 articles from eHow, one was How to Make a New Year’s Resolution, another one was How to Make the Best New Year’s Resolutions List , although I felt that I should sitting down and start summarize what I accomplished for the year 2010 but hey, I still too busy. No, it’s not as Rick say on his latest post; Busy Work is Not a Niche because I am really busy with my niche painting site. Somehow I thought that I should have started this work 3-5 years sooner.

We got more customers than we expected via our online oil painting gallery, they are all lovely. However, there was one problem. It was a wrong thing from my side regarding shipment as we should arrange shipment for one customer from Australia since December 29, 2010 but there was a mistaken by one staff, and then because of a long holiday here in Thailand, we just been able to ship painting yesterday via express courier. I felt big guilty and thought a lot about how could I explain to the customer. At last I do agree with what Rick say on Lie To Me: What Customers Really Want; The Truthful Exploitation of Fantasy. I do believe that honest can win everything in the world (my world). So, I just tell the truth to customer, say apologized to him and gave him some credits on his account so he can use for future purchase as an apologize from my gallery. I know it may not be worth as he has to change his certain plan but at least I can show my sincere apologize to him. I cannot go back to fix wrong thing in the pass but I can promise that I will do it better and will pay more attention in the future.

How to create the best working plan for the year 2011?

1. The answer is it’s depending on your goal, what you need to achieve within one year.The best working plan should be a step-by-step work you MUST do to achieve your goal. It will work as a path to your dreams, and you MUST follow it otherwise you will not be able to achieve your goal. Did not set up any goal yet? It’s a good time to create one now. Want to get some idea on how to set up your goal, read Patricia post, Are Your Goals Attainable In 2011.

2. The best working plan should have a backup or second plan in case your first plan fail for some reason.

3. The best working plan should also include what you can do to help your friends and others and to help taking care the world.

4. The best working plan should create based on responsibility, honest and sincere. As per my experience above, when we did wrong thing, we showing our responsibility and intention to fix, at last you will gain trust and respect from your customer.

I would love to hear your idea on how to create the best working plan for 2011 as well. 😉

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