How to Age an Oil Painting?

How to Age an Oil Painting?
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Determining the value of an oil painting can only be done by a professional in this field. It’s hard to determine the age of an oil painting along with its value especially now that there are lots of new technology that are available for determining various things that may seem to be impossible to know. An old painting describes the test of time the painting went through overtime and do you know that the older the painting is the bigger the market value it will have especially if it was made by a known artist. This is one of the main reasons why so many people would like to have an aged oil painting than a newer one. How to age an oil painting is not so hard to do especially when it comes to making the painting older.

If you are an artist who would like to enjoy an aged looking painting for your home or for your room, why don’t you try to age your oil painting so you may change and enhance the painting and make it more interesting at the same time? There are lots of techniques that you can use to make your painting look more attractive and visually interesting at the same time. Here are some helpful ways you can use on how to age an oil painting:

1. You can use a thick paintbrush to add the first coating to your painting. This will be the colour that comes once the painting is aged and cracked at the same time. You should just allow the paint to dry and it can be done by leaving it overnight.

2. You can also get a new paintbrush and just apply an aged medium.

3. Another process that you can do is to prepare for the work and do that by removing the debris that may hinder the new look of the painting. You should always think that when the debris is not taken away from the painting, the surface with dust will be covered with varnish and it will be locked inside the varnish which you cannot remove later on.

4. Another thing that you can do is to protect your painting by simply using an acrylic coating. After putting it on, you should put on some gloss to medium varnish that will make the painting glossy as well.

5. There is also a crack varnish that will make the painting look aged as soon as it dries up. When you fill the cracks with pigments with the use of oil paint layer it will look great and more aged. When you clean it the entire look of the painting will be very different from that you aspire in the past.

Making your oil painting aged is not so hard to do but you should do the varnishing properly so that it won’t look messy later on especially when the paint dries up. you need to make sure that important things should be kept in mind to come up with a nice and meaningful painting.

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