How do you appraise the Value of an Oil Painting?

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If you are worrying about the value of your old oil painting, you should know that paintings become more valuable overtime. Paintings can be considered as one of the best investment that you may keep for the longest time. If you would like to know the existing value of your oil painting, why don’t you have it appraised especially if you want to insure your paintings? It is important for you to look for the right appraiser so you will not be mistaken along the way. There are proper ways to know oil painting value and here is some helpful information that you should know:

1. Regardless if you just want to know the value of your old oil painting because you want to sell it or you just want to have an idea about how much it cost these days, you need to look for the right person to contact to because there are fake appraisers that are roaming around these days. The American society of appraisers can be helpful to you if you will contact them.

2. You need to know that a general knowledge is not a form of expertise. An expert appraiser should have the best and the most competent appraising method. Another way to find the best value for your oil painting is to go to an auction house since they know the value of paintings and they can give you a rough estimate of how much it cost these days.

3. You may call your local dealer or an art museum as well and they will send an appraiser to help you with your needs. they will also let you know how much your painting is worth these days but you cannot get any certificate when you want to get one regarding the appraise provided by the appraiser. You can have a certificate if you will set a separate appointment especially if it is regarding insurance of the oil painting that you have.

4. You can use the power of internet to look for the place where you can find the best appraiser available for you these days.

5. Oftentimes, there is an appraisal fee of about $100 so you should be ready for it too if you really want to know the oil painting value that you have.

Do you know that a proper appraiser will not do a 5 minute inspection on your painting and it will be done by the person personally not through email or through a live chat? He will go to your house to see and inspect on the painting and to see the condition of the painting as well. A visual inspection is very vital especially when it comes to oil painting. An appraiser will also do written appraisals regarding the oil painting that you have. There will be a written document that includes oil painting value. It is not so hard to find an appraiser but you need to make sure that the one you will choose is dependable and not a fake individual.

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