Home Design Through Inspiration

Home Design Through Inspiration

Inspiration is when your mind is attracted towards some object, color, and theme. Inspiration is the feeling that motivates you to resemble and imitate. Every person is inspired by different things because each person perceives things differently. Each has its own identity and choice.

Similar is the case with home design inspiration. The way you design is always in some way inspired by someone or something. It might be the colors you choose, the setting you do, or even the lighting style. Either consciously or subconsciously your mind tries to recreate something that you have seen in the past that you liked.

Not only things and humans, people may also be inspired by their surroundings. By surroundings I mean scenery, or even the seasons. Seasonal home design inspirations are a great idea to keep your home updated. Also, as the seasons keep repeating themselves in a cyclic way, you can reuse the decorations you put away the previous season.

For example let’s say you put up bright colored and light weighted curtains up for summer. They were great to let in the fresh light and air into the room.  But as winter approached, you replaced them with darker upholstery that gave a sense of coziness in the long winter nights. But don’t think that the summer curtains are gone to waste. The next summer, you can hang those curtains back again and you’ll get a change of scenery. Also, after a few shuffles, then the fabric for the curtains can be used for designing cushion covers, or table tops, etc.

Creativity is the key to home design inspirations. Getting inspired is just the first phase. But implementing the inspiration creatively is what’s important. Another common inspiring aspect for home décor is paintings.

Decorating and designing your home inspired by paintings is a very artistic yet expensive liking. Originals from famous well known artists run in millions of dollars and are far from the reach of the common man. But replicas and duplicates are available at cheaper rates and are just as beautiful.

But getting inspired by a certain painter or painting is simply not enough. Your home design inspiration of paintings is incomplete without the right use of frame and space that will truly turn heads. You should select a special place for hanging each frame. The frame should be simple. It should not take the focus away from the picture itself. Same is the case with all the other objects in the room. If you are inspired by paintings and are designing your home in accordance to your inspiration, then everything should complement the painting. All the textures, fabrics, and colors should be in accordance with the painting.

Home designing by inspiration is a fun and great thing to do. It gives you direction. It relaxes your mind so you know what to choose and what step to take next. It could be any part of the house, the living area, children’s room, kitchen, etc, following your inspiration is always the right choice.

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