Hanging Tips for Your Oil Painting

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Hanging Oil Painting Tips

Oil painting is a piece of art that should not be placed in your attic or any storage room but it must be placed in a place in your house that demands pride. Oil painting is an art that needs to be hanged in the wall for it to be appreciated. Though there are some kept in glasses like museums but this is rare collectible oil canvas. If you are an oil paint canvas owner for sure you would love to hang your paint and show it to the world and for your hanged oil painting to last long and be a part of family history, you should remember and follow the tips to hang your oil painting below.

1. Make sure to hang your oil painting on two picture hooks that is appropriate to the wall. The hook must be strong enough to secure the weight of the picture. To maintain a horizontal position two hooks are used rather than one hook.

2. Since too much sunlight is not good for oil painting, so make sure to choose a place in the house that does not get direct or too much sunlight. Too much cold or humidity is not good for oil painting so put the oil canvas in a place that is not subject for hotness and coldness. Better place the painting in a normal temperature place.

3. It is advised that your oil painting must be hanged high enough to be able to see the painting clearly anywhere in the room. Since you will show the painting, let it be very visible in every corner of your house. The usual ideal hanging placed for an oil painting is over a mantelpiece or over the sofa that is above the head height of anyone sitting on the sofa or couch.

4. It is not advisable and should be really avoided to hang an oil painting in hallways or on walls where there is always a family movement. The tendency in hallways is that it is easy for human touch. It is our nature to touch everything that we like especially those that are beautiful to our eyes. It is not good to have the oil canvas be touched especially the painted part because it may damage the details of the painting. Another reason that we should not hang the oil painting in places where there is often family movement is that to avoid it from falling and scratches cause by furniture’s brushing the painting.

5. It is great if you have an air condition or a central heat because you can adjust the temperature of your home that is just right for your oil painting. A rule of thumb in displaying an oil paint is if people are comfortable in the room where your oil painting is placed chances are your painting will be comfortable too.

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