"Guernica" Famous Painting by Pablo Ruiz Picasso

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Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain where his family lived. His father Don Jose was a painter who also taught art at the local school of Fine Arts & Crafts.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

Picasso was to spend the first 10 years of his life there, so from an early age was exposed to painting. When his father moved to take up a better position at La Corona the family moved too. Although Pablo Picasso was accepted into this School of Fine Art; mostly he was taught painting by his father. When his father saw how gifted his son was; he felt he should give up painting himself and just let Pablo paint.

Picasso is remembered as a founder of the Cubist movement. Although if you study the history of art; Picasso did not like to be labelled. Throughout his life his art evolved. It often depicted situations of his life and those close to him. However, he believed his paintings were for the present and did not like his work to be classed as evolving; even if it evidently appeared to be!

From his “Blue Period” to the period where he mainly painted in “Rose” to his Cubism period; Picasso showed such skill and passion that even today is discussed widely in art circles. His Cubism periods included both analytical and collage. He then moved on to Classicism and Surrealism. He was then affected by the War Years. And in later life it has been noted, that his love for painting did not err.

Despite his obvious talent, Pablo Picasso suffered from loneliness and wanderings. He travelled extensively and finally settled in Paris in 1904. Then in 1906 the art dealer AmbroiseVollard purchased most of Picasso’s “Rose” paintings. This began a time of prosperity for Picasso. No longer would he have to worry about money. He began travelling again and often moved between Spain and France. He also was a skilled sculptor in clay. At times being recognised and at others derided for these works.

As for choosing a famous painting from this most famous of 20th century artists, this indeed is difficult. His longevity has meant that he painted many famous paintings. If one was to ask any keen Picasso art lover; there would I have no doubt, be many different responses. Many are instantly recognisable; others only appreciated by those who truly enjoy his work.

Guernica Painting

Guernica Painting

“Guernica” has become one of the most famous Picasso’s paintings. It was painted in 1937, oil on canvas. This painting depicts the German bombing of Guernica in the Basque Province, during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso painted this in response to German and Italian warplanes bombing this area in the Basque region. They had been asked to bomb this area, by the Spanish Nationalist forces.

Initially Picasso had been asked to paint a mural by the Spanish Government. It was to be displayed at the Paris World Exhibition in the Spanish Pavilion. However, once he heard of the bombings he felt compelled to put this on canvas for all to see.

When Picasso painted this work of art; his motivation was to show the tragedies of war. He also expressed in this painting the suffering inflicted on innocent victims; especially civilians. It has been seen as a representation of the futility of war and an embodiment of peace, indeed an anti-war statement that has this painting widely acclaimed.

In 1944 he became active in the Peace Movement and in his public life he was forthright in expressing his humanitarian views.

Guernica painting by Picasso was taken on tour and is credited with bringing the Spanish Civil War to the world’s attention. This is another reason that Guernica painting has become one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings.

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