Google Search Traffic – 500 Visitors a Day to Painting Site in 3 Months?

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Google Search Traffic – How can I get 500 visitors a day to my oil painting gallery web site in 3 months?

Part 1 – Site concept and keywords research.

I have been away from all lovely blogger friends for about a month to update my oil paintings gallery site. Yeh! I get little exciting with its result, thought that I should share with you all. Note that I start this website a year ago since I still worked in one UK Company as an SEO specialist. Reason I start this website at that time was to test and play with coding. Although my family own the oil painting gallery in Koh Samui which I should help operate it but I was too busy with the work for the company.

Until I decided to quit from my daily routine job at the end of December last year; 2009, but I still have other part time works for one SEO company in UK and one in Australia. Then lately on September this year, I start to think that the work for other company is not worth my time and energy therefore I decided (again) to stop accepting all new project works and start concentrate on my own work.

As you can see from image below that by the time I start the work for Samui Art Gallery site, traffic I got was zero, and it continue growing up until it reach 500 visitors a day now. What I did? How can I get that?

Google Analytics Data

Well, what I did and still doing now you all can easily do the same. I will try to explain as best as I can.

Site concept and keywords research process: This process is similar to Alex Whalley’s blog post “Product and KEYWORD RESEARCH”, the only different is I already have product I want to sale.

1. I start with thinking of keywords to use for my website. Yes, I am selling oil paintings therefore my first thought of keywords are oil paintings, oil paintings on canvas, oil paintings reproductions, oil painting gallery, etc.

2. I then went to Google Adwords keyword tool and start the find keywords process by entered all keywords from #1 on “Find keywords” box, select target country and desired languages, typed in the security verification letters then hit search. There, I got a beautiful list of all relate keywords. By using Google Adwords keyword tool, if you are login to your Google Adwords account you will get to a big list of 800 keywords but if you are not login you will get only 100 keywords max. You can also tick the box on the left column to show your results by match types; broad, exact or phrase.

My first selection was by broad match. I then download and save my result. I have repeated the same step for exact match and phrase match. Next, I put all data together in one Excel file and then I used Excel; sort by to sort all data by local monthly exact search. The good keywords are the keywords that have low competition with high search volume. See below image for how is my data file look like.

Keywords Research Data

I selected 20 keywords max to target for my homepage which of course, they are the best among others in the list, and split the rest to target appropriate page on my website. Put in mind when choosing any target keywords for your site / specific page that the customer / visitor should instantly get what they are looking for.

See you again on 2nd part of Google search traffic – How I do for on-page optimization for my Koh Samui oil painting gallery site (you can do the same for your website).

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