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Probably the best-known Spanish painter of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso had a wide range of paintings that were readily accepted into the market after release. The Old Guitarist painted in 1903 shows an old exhausted man holding a guitar. It depicts the troubles of the poor, those who are sick and the castaways. Hand-painted […]

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Edgar Degas was a French painter and artist well known for his famous sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. Studies show that he is considered to be the founder of impressionism who is well associated with the topic of dance and dancers. This is to say that half of his work centered on dancers, in the […]

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Salvador’s Landscape near Figueras is an oil painting done in 1910 on a cardboard. Currently, Albert Field in New York privately owns it. Salvador painted this piece when he was six years old. It shows a beautiful landscape of Figueras, a village where he was born. It shows the hill, the green pasture and fig […]

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The Three Ages of Women was his earliest that had no history attached to it. This Klimt painting portrays three female figures at three different stages of life. The painting shows a mature woman who is holding a baby, and besides them is an elderly woman staring to the ground. Klimt’s awarding-winning painting, Death and […]

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Among the many French Painters that saw the growth of Impressionism Style of art painting, Claude Monet the French landscape painter is one of them. Claude was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. Claude sought inspiration from nature, and most of his paintings illustrate this. He was born to his father Adolphe Monet, […]

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Vincent Van Gogh is undeniable one of the most talented and famous artists in the world history. Many of Van Gogh’s famous artworks become popular and recognized all over the world, and some have been sold at auctions or private sales for more than 50 million dollars. Following are the most expensive Van Gogh’s paintings […]

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Edvard Munch

People give gifts to show their love and care to those who are special for them and typically, so much time is spent to find the best gift that can create a bond between two people. Gift-giving is indeed special and absolutely worth every amount spent on it especially if that gift can bring the […]

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August Macke

Definitely, most homeowners will value the idea of bringing added elegance to their home thru the things that they put in it. There are lots of fixtures and furniture to choose from and it is just a matter of making the best choice to make your home look more appealing than ever. One of the […]

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Fernando Botero

Fernando Boterowas born in Medellin, Colombia in 1932. It was in 1951 when he moved to Bogota to have his first solo exhibition at the Leo Matiz Gallery. He had an extensive education on painting and learned his fresco techniques from the Italian masters. Fernando Botero became an educator in 1956 when he taught Fine […]

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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was born in Figueras Catalania, Spain. His older brother was also named Salvador. Sadly he died of gastroenteritis 9 months before. While still only young, he was told by his parents that he was his elder brother’s reincarnation. He appears to have gone through life with this belief. Dali’s father was a middle […]

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