Commission Wedding Portrait Painting – The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

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Commission Wedding Portrait Painting

Commission Wedding Portrait Painting

Are you just like me who am looking hard to find a perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift idea to impress my dad and mum? Or are you looking for a great wedding anniversary gift for your friends, your wife or your husband? And yes, I have found many recommendations online but which one is the best?!?!?

Wedding is one of the milestones in life that a person will definitely cherish all throughout the lifetime. Marriage ceremonies are filled with the best memories and it will really be nice to look back at these happy moments anytime you want. Wedding anniversary indeed is the best time for the couple to reminisce the love that they have shared together through the years. The best wedding anniversary gift should be a reminiscent gift to help recollect the union and love that give recipient a big reason to smile.

Commission Wedding Portrait Painting Pros

1. You can freely choose your most favorite wedding photo.

2. You can ask the artist to incorporate any other element of your choice into your painting such as adding a beautiful beach background, using Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night as background of your portrait, or paint the bride in the dress of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

3. You can consult and discuss your preferences and styles with the portrait artist. The end result you get will be the best wedding portrait painting that comes from your ideas and styles you can be proud of.

4. You don’t need to invest your precious time to learn oil painting for beginner while still be able to create a beautiful wedding portrait painting that reflect your own ideas and styles.

5. Imagine the smile faces of your recipients looking at their wedding portrait (from you) hanging on the wall of their house. Guess, who will they think of?

Commission Wedding Portrait Painting Cons

1. The price to commission wedding portrait may as high as an original painting because the artist is required to create it from certain fresh ideas.

2. It requires your time and involvement to follow up the artist’s work in order to produce a gorgeous wedding portrait painting.

A wedding is significant joyous occasion, which a couple will forever cherish and the pictures taken during this special event will speak a thousand of happiness words. Why not give a wedding portrait painting as a wedding anniversary gift to ensure the most happiness of you and your recipient?

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