Claude Monet Biography

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Monet Water Lilies

Among the many French Painters that saw the growth of Impressionism Style of art painting, Claude Monet the French landscape painter is one of them. Claude was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. Claude sought inspiration from nature, and most of his paintings illustrate this. He was born to his father Adolphe Monet, a humble man who worked as a grocer in Paris. After five years from his birth, on 1845, his family moved to Le Havre where his father and his uncle combined forces into running a business to supply ships with supplies. In Paris, Claude Monet became a known caricaturist at his tender age.

In 1858 when Monet was a teenager of 18 years, he met a landscape painter named Eugene Boudin, who was interested in his works and later become a great influence in the growth of his career. Boudin introduced the young Monet to his world of painting, which majored on outdoor painting of nature and landscapes. This later became Monet’s area as he excelled in it with his creations. His determination and hard work earned him a job Académie Suisse in Paris, where he did a couple of paintings before quitting.

In 1860, for two years, Monet joined the military, hence hindering his painting career for the period and no painting was ever done during the period. In 1862, after the military, he joined Charles Gleyre’s painting studio in Paris, where he met with another French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The two collaborated and did many pieces together based on ideas that arose from both of them. This continued for about eight years, after which each of them decided to concentrate on personal works.

In 1870, Claude Monet travelled to London due to the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war. In London, he met with an art dealer, Paul Durand –Ruel with whom he partnered with to penetrate the London market. About the same year, Claude married Camelle, and they stayed in London for the next six years. His frequent travel tours widen his scope of nature knowledge, and he recorded every one of them in his paintings. Claude’s financial situation during the 80s was tough, and his creditors used to take away his paintings when he could not raise the required amount. This frustrated his being, and he ended up destroying many of his pieces. Nevertheless, this changed during the late 80s when more money begun coming his way, with efforts noted by Paul Durand –Ruel.

In 1879, nine years after he had married Camelle, she passed way. Claude maintained his singleness for three years, after which he married Alice Hoschede in 1892. His continued efforts were rewarding as time went by, with more and more people beginning to pay attention to his paintings. Paintings of his Lily garden are the commonest of them all, which was located in Giverny, France.

Entering the 90s, due to age and disease, his health begun to deteriorate and by the year 1920, he was almost blind, something that hindered his coming works. Until his death on December 5 1926, Claude Monet was working on large water lilies he intended to give to the state.

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