Buddha Art for Your Home Decorating Ideas

Buddha Art for Your Home Decorating Ideas
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Buddhist Art represents the religious art work that has been preserved and been in motion for hundreds of centuries. It consists of religious structures and artworks such as statues, sculpting and monuments of Gautam Budh and his followers. The exact date for this art type’s existence is unknown. However a rough estimate allows us to trace its history back in the year 600 BC. It has been also found that the initial Buddha art work was initiated under the great leadership and influence of Gautama Sakyamuni, the great follower of Buddha.

The preachers and followers of Buddha have also been highly significant in the art work of great Indian Buddhism. The immediate art in the religion of Buddhism was located at Bharhut, Sanchi, and Bodh-Gaya. The main components in the Buddha art are Buddha monuments, thrones which are mostly empty, joined feet, women in different styles, dharma chakra, trees and different styles and shapes of Gautam Budh. Buddhism flourished greatly at the start of sixth century and many people in different parts of India started embracing it with great zest and zeal. They even portrayed an iconic image of Buddha in their heart and soul which today forms the basis of Buddhist art and architecture.

Gandhara at Pakistan and Mathura in India were the two key spots where the Buddha images and structures were made, which later spawned in many different parts of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The first trademark image which was formed at Gandhara was the standing Buddha which resembled at an extent, the Greek god Apollo. Lotus seat was the second significant development in the Buddha artwork which started from the Mathura school of Art. It was mainly constructed to portray a meditating Buddha to keep the image of the Buddha alive for centuries. Another major monument from the Mathura region is the standing Buddha holding a robe with one hand and bending the shoulder on one side.

There are many other Buddha art works which are used in this day and age for home decorating purposes. Today’s art lovers have a great liking for Buddha art and paintings due to its richness in history and ancient art. Buddhist bells are an important source of Buddha art in today’s modern world. They can be placed anywhere around the house to get a nice touch. You may need a specific set of furniture to place these bells and once you are done with that, it creates an incredibly great effect on visitors.

Another major art structure in recent history is the Buddha statue. People in all parts of the world love to use Buddha statues for home decoration purposes. This is mainly because it creates a unique style in the house and surpasses any other art form in similar category. Lotus flower is the third major Buddhism art decoration item which can be used at home. It is highly rich in color and design and shows both fruits and flowers at the same time, indicating cause and effect relationship, which is given in the writings of Gautam Budh.

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