Art Deco Paintings for Gorgeous Home Decor

Art Deco Paintings for Gorgeous Home Decor
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Art evolves with time. Any form of art is greatly influenced by what is going on in the contemporary society. In a way art is the reflection of reality. Artists are sensitive people who are more perceptive to the changes that are going on around them. They see more profoundly and feel more deeply. These profound feelings are then expressed by them through a medium they excel in.

Painters use the words of colors to express the world around them. This expression is not only a reflection of the surroundings but the reflection of their inner most feelings too. The paintings they create are their unique perception of the world around them. Painting is a form of art almost as old as human civilization itself. And truly said, it has evolved with the human race.

Different centuries have seen different art movements which have faithfully represented the peace and chaos of their respective time periods. Art Deco is a movement that found its origins in Paris in the 1920s and spread in America by the 1930s. The art deco movement influenced architecture, industrial design, interior design, paintings, jewelry and visual arts. Art Deco is all about geometric shapes and structures. The designs are extremely elegant and modern. The art Deco Movement replaced the art Nouveau Movement.

Art Deco obtained its name from “Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes” that held in 1925 in Paris. Prior to that, this form of art was simply known as Modernistic. The art deco paintings are influenced by the work of the famous Pablo Picasso, Braque, Fernand Legar and others of their school. Tamara De Lempicka is the most renowned female painter of the Art Deco Movement. Louis Icart is another famous name when you talk about Art Deco Paintings.

Art Deco paintings are characterized by geometric shapes, elegant cuts and straight forward sophistication of clear cut, sleek, straight lines and boldness. All of these are in a way characteristics of the 21st Century where science and modernity have given everything a calculated meaning. Life is compartmentalized, urbanization has engulfed the planet and there is hardly a thing known as leisure time. This modernity is reflected in the art Deco Paintings.

The Female form has been used widely as a subject of the art Deco Paintings. In these Art Deco Paintings the female form is not a shy, rosy cheeked maiden lost in frills and ribbons but a bold and strong figure that is in command and control.

Art Deco Paintings would be really great for the décor of your home if you are following a modern décor style. If the décor of your house is classic then an Art Deco painting might look oddly out of place. To bring out the true beauty of Art Deco Painting you have to give it an Art Deco surrounding. Imagine an Art Deco Painting hanging over a plush Victorian Sofa; it will ruin the beauty of both the things. Mean while if you have a sleek modernistic over all décor, the Art Deco Paintings will merge in perfectly.

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