Appreciating Abstract Painting

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Sunset Reflection

The understanding of an abstract painting needs a sense for art, love for art and the willingness to accept the tenets of abstract painting. Every abstract paintings has taken the time and effort of an artist so it is just right the art must be appreciated.

Abstract art satisfies us because it flies the expectations and accomplishes ones artistic goal. Abstract oil painting for decoration has its place and goal which is to make pretty a utilitarian or common place object or setting. A functional painting tells a story and illustrates moral it uplifts the state of a person but abstract painting exist simply for no other reason than the artist created it. Abstract painting challenges every viewer and it may cause an emotional twist that can make others happy and for others sad.

Since an abstract art painting is an extraction from something that is a much wider idea or a different perception about something an abstract artist really put his emotions feelings and experiences in the painting through simple color and shape strokes. Abstract art more often is not appealing to the eye especially to non art lover who if ever seen an abstract paint will most likely tell that her 5 year old kid could paint more than what he or she saw.

A person’s respond to an abstract arts will depend on our experiences likes and dislikes. If ever you get a chance to see an abstract painting pause for awhile in front of the canvas and observe the painting carefully and by this means to have a near and far view of the abstract painting or view the painting in different angles.

In most times colors attracts more rather than the concept of the abstract painting. There are bold strokes of the painting that creates a strong feeling of attraction in you and you may like it or not. There may be forms and images in the painting which you can relate the most in some manner that will be a factor for your interpretation of the painting. Other factor for interpretation includes a memory or experience that comes up in your mind while looking at the painting. Other people for them to fully understand the painting talks with the artist itself and this would make an artist happy. The more the abstract painting being discussed the more delighted the artist is. Abstract painting is open for discussion and the more it triggers viewer’s attention and senses the more the artist have achieved its goal of creating a good art. Layering techniques are often used to often get the result on abstract art.

The same artist cannot make an abstract painting twice so every abstract painting is unique like every individual is unique.

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