13 Important Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

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Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

There are people who may think that artists are born and not created but of course, with patience and diligence, it will really be possible for a person’s potential to be tapped and give way for the creation of the best art works.

There will surely be a first-time for everything and it will just be typical for a person to find it necessary to get the best help and advices from the people who have already proven their expertise in such field. Oil paintings can really be rewarding but to make sure that you will not go through so much troubles there are important things that you should always keep in mind and among these are as follows:

1. Try using different paint brushes until you find the one that can best work for you. Brushes usually come in different shapes and sizes but for sure, you will not find it effective to base your decision on the amount that it may cost you because more often than not the cheaper brands are also the ones that will bring you the most severe headaches while creating your masterpiece.

2. There are different grade of oil paints with various prices available in the market, for the start we would recommend student grade paints because it’s the cheapest one so you don’t have to be worry of burning too much money while still be able to produce your first beautiful oil painting.

3. Don’t forget to buy oil color thinners as you will need it to take off color from your brush before move on to the next layer color.

4. You should be careful in choosing your medium. Commonly artists use poppy oil or linseed oil but it is important to know that that poppy oil is the preferred choice for the lighter shades because linseed has the yellow residue that may change the result of your work.

5. Be creative in choosing the kind of canvas that can work best for you. Cotton canvas is commonly used by most artists but there is no reason to limit yourself to such especially if there are other options like linen canvas, boards, and paper canvas that you may find easier to deal with.

6. Wisely choose a place for your work, wherever it is, it should be good ventilation where the door or window can be opened and should have enough lighting so that you can exactly create the right color for your painting. If you choose to work on an open space, make sure that there is no any animal such as bee or insect around.

7. Adjust your easel to be convenient to work with; you will not need any health problem after finish your first painting.

8. If you don’t want your floor getting dirt with oil paint, it is recommended to cover it with unused clothes, tarp, plastic bag or paper and don’t forget to secure the edges with masking tape to keep it from bunching up or blowing away.

9. Cover yourself with painting clothes.

10. Set up your paints and all painting equipments in order; be ready and convenient for your work.

11. Clean your brushes well with solvents or oil color thinners before using it for another color.

12. Stay inspired when working. Some people may refuse to believe it but most of the time, the best art works are created when the emotions are used to make the creativity move. There may be that so called artist block, but if you will keep in mind the things that should keep you going there will always be a way to come up with a nice masterpiece.

13. Make sure that your brushes are well cleaning after each day’s work. You can also put white tissue paper around brush bristles to keep it stay in good shape.

Oil painting may not be as simple as the way that it sounds but with dedication and patience, in time you can be the master of art that you have dreamt to become. Keep those oil painting tips for beginners in mind can help in making sure that the time and effort you spent on painting will have the most rewarding gains.

Are you an artist? Have you ever try oil painting? If you have any additional tip, kindly share your idea on comment box below. Thank you!

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